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11 recensioner av iOS 9

Nu är det bara två timmar kvar tills Apple släpper iOS 9 för nedladdning och som förberedelse samt fördriva lite tid åt er som väntar har vi samlat 11 länkar och utdrag ur recensioner av operativsystemet. Många timmars läsning och hittar vi fler som vi tycker passar in så läggs dessa in efter hand. Håll till godo.

MacStoriesThe MacStories Review, Created on iPad

Last year, I welcomed iOS 8 as a necessary evolution to enable basic communication between apps under the user’s control. With extensions based on a more powerful share sheet, document providers, widgets, and custom keyboards, I noted that iOS had begun to open up; slowing down wasn’t an option anymore.

iMoreThe Definitive iOS 9 review

After the radical redesign of iOS 7, which gave us a cleaner, more flexible experience, and the functional revolution of iOS 8, which extended and continued that experience between apps and devices, iOS 9 takes a moment to solidify and round-out everything that’s come before, and start us towards everything that’s coming next.

Ars TechnicaiOS 9, thoroughly reviewed

The worst thing we can say about the new release is that its biggest, best new contributions—the things that make the iPad feel more like its own device and less like a big iPhone—are only available to a sliver of existing devices. Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture need an iPad from 2013 or later, and the truly transformative Split View mode needs a cutting-edge model.

The VergeThe future starts now

iOS 9 is a much more stable experience than iOS 8 was when it launched, and there are a few new features here that are genuinely useful. But if you pay close attention, you can get a glimpse at the future Apple is planning for computers. And that future looks pretty great.

Cult of MacIt’s all about speed

Apple drops iOS 9 today, bringing a more intelligent UI, better built-in apps, a smarter Siri and much more. Our iOS 9 review shows how the new software makes everything you do on your iPhone or iPad easier — and far faster — than ever before.

ComputerWorldiOS 9 delivers polish and stability

The result is that iOS 9 feels very fluid and responsive: Animations for zooming in and out of apps and folders, scrolling through lists and using the multitasking view to switch between apps are all smooth and devoid of any stutter.

The Wall Street JournalAn Upgrade That Will Save You Time and Battery

The big reason to upgrade isn’t power savings, though. It’s time savings. Apple understands that we want to spend more time in apps—and less time looking for them. To the left of the home screen, there’s now a portal where Siri predicts apps you’ll want to use next, people you’d want to talk to and points of interest you might visit, all based on your behavior and the time of day.

The GuardianAn upgrade to jump for, or skip?

One of the bigger visual changes is within the recently used apps switcher. Double pressing the home button brings up cards that are bigger, so you can more easily see what’s going on before tapping into an app, while location-based apps or apps that have been triggered from a Mac or iPad using “hand-off” are there too – an obvious improvement.

TechradarHands on: iOS 9 review

OS 9 is already better than its predecessor, with fewer bugs now than what we experienced during last year’s iOS 8 launch. It’s smarter and leaner, except for Apple Maps.

AnandTechThe Apple iOS 9 Review

The polish and improvements that will be most obvious to the end user are those that involve visual or functional changes to the apps they use on a daily basis. With that in mind, it makes most sense to start off the review by taking a look at some of the general changes made to the UI and the system in iOS 9, so let’s dive in.

The InquireriOS 9 review

Apple has described iOS 9, much as Google has Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as an update that brings tweaks and refinements to improve the overall performance and usability of the operating system. Of course, there are some new features thrown in for good measure, and Apple has promised a smarter Siri, improved Maps and better multitasking.