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14 recensioner av iPad Pro

Idag var första dagen iPad Pro kunde beställas. Så också här i Sverige. Apple har dock som vanligt försett ett antal publikationer med recensionsexemplar och vi har här samlat länkar och utdrag till fjorton av dessa recensioner.

Håll till godo och det finns läsning som räcker både en och två kvällar. John Gruber har som vanligt en lite annorlunda recension och jag rekommenderar att om du verkligen vill veta allt om iPad Pro att läsa den från MacStories skriven av Federice Viticci.

Daring FireballThe iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is without question faster than the new one-port MacBook or the latest MacBook Airs. I’ve looked at several of my favorite benchmarks — Geekbench 3, Mozilla’s Kraken, and Google’s Octane 2 — and the iPad Pro is a race car.

The LoopReview: iPad Pro

I’ve been using the iPad Pro for just over a week now and I’ll tell you, I’m more impressed than what I thought I would be. The first question I set out to solve was “who is the target market for iPad Pro?” While I thought that would be a difficult question to answer, it turned out to be quite simple. More on that later.

MacStoriesiPad Pro Review: A New Canvas

I know that it’s only been a week, and I do believe that the Air 2 is a great device for lots of people, but I feel like all the work I’ve done on the iPad and iOS has led me to this point. I’m ready to take my iPad setup to the next level, and I think my workflow can benefit from improved hardware and a more capable version of iOS.

The VergeToo big to fail

When I first picked up the iPad Pro at an Apple event this past September, I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. For one, its size: it is holy-crap-look-at-this-iPad big. And with a price tag that easily jumps up to around a thousand dollars, it’s the most expensive iPad ever.

Re/codeThe iPad Pro Can’t Replace Your Laptop Totally, Even for a Tablet Lover

So I was quite intrigued when Apple announced the iPad Pro, a new, jumbo-sized iPad with an optional snap-on physical keyboard cover and stylus for drawing. This whopping slate can be ordered starting today, and I’ve been testing it for the past week. In fact, I wrote much of this column on an iPad Pro with Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

TechcrunchThe iPad Pro And The Death Of A Metaphor

Never has the cry of ‘it’s just a bigger Apple thing’ been more applicable than it has with iPad Pro – this is literally a bigger iPad. But that approach to thinking about it is also reductive. The Microsoft Surface has blazed a sort of hybrid path – for people that don’t want to compromise having a laptop experience. The iPad pro, on the other hand, is unapologetically tablety.

Ars TechnicaMac-like speed with all the virtues and restrictions of iOS

Apple is explicitly positioning the iPad Pro as something that can “[replace] a notebook or desktop for many, many people.” It’s definitely a different type of iPad, something the lineup could certainly use.

WiredApple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is plenty powerful, and it’s plenty big. But to call it “just a bigger iPad” is like calling the Millennium Falcon “just a bigger falcon.” In making it bigger, Apple made the iPad Pro different. This is Cupertino’s attempt to prove a tablet can replace and outgun your laptop.

The Wall Street JournalJack of All Trades, Master of Most

It’s Apple’s first tablet/laptop convertible! No, it’s an artist’s sketchbook! Never mind, it’s totally an enterprise-focused tablet for filling out forms! Actually, it’s a college-bound textbook-turned-notebook-turned-TV!

MashableiPad Pro The Review

This once-fabled behemoth of a tablet is now real and, to be frank, rather remarkable. At 12.9 inches, its screen is as large as two iPad Air 2 screens side-by-side (portrait-style, of course), and with a new A9X chip, it has power to burn and seems up to virtually any task.

CnetA killer creative canvas with laptop-replacement dreams

The iPad Pro is a dream machine for graphic designers and media mavens, but this elegant tablet needs more optimized apps and accessories before it can fully achieve laptop-killer status.

YahooOne Spectacular, Very Productive Copycat

It’s a supersize iPad — the screen is as big a 13-inch laptop’s. You can equip it with a screen cover that unfolds into a real working keyboard. A pressure-sensitive drawing stylus is available, too. What’s that? Is there a question? Yes, elephant in the room — go ahead?

MobilesyrupThe Professional

Five years later, the iPad is still by far the most popular tablet on earth, commanding a dominant 86 percent of worldwide tablet web usage. That statistic betrays a truth about the iPad: for many buyers, it sits in a purgatory between the phone and the laptop, used more often on the couch than the office.

Refinery 29Apple’s Giant New Tablet Isn’t As Ridiculous As We Thought

The tablet is big but not hefty: It’s got a 12.9-inch display yet measures only 6.9mm thick and weighs slightly over 1.5 pounds. Apple showed off how fast it was, and how well it worked with accessories such as the new Apple Pencil stylus.

  • Mobilesyrup: ”Five years later, the iPad is still by far the most popular tablet on earth, commanding a dominant 86 percent of worldwide tablet web usage.”

    Intressant, jag ser att det stämmer att mäter man webbtrafik så dominerar den. Det visste jag inte; har lärt mig något idag. Dock, enligt Statcounter så gäller 66 procent för iOS mot Android 32 procent. Och så har jag för mig att om man tittar på antal sålda ex, så dominerar Android ganska kraftigt. Vad använder Android-tablet-ägarna sina plattor till? Spel?

  • Korvid

    Du vet när bordet vickar och man behöver lägga något under benet…

  • Ian

    Vore jag du hade jag prövat att använda en Xperia Z4 platta. Den blåser dessvärre Air 2 ur luften i princip allt förutom byggkvalité. Fördelen Z4 plattan har där är att den väger lika mycket som ett.. nej, den saknar i princip vikt öht.

  • Korvid

    En sån kommentar är lite som att rekommendera någon att köpa en snabb bil i kolfiber, istället för att ta reda på vilka behov och önskemål som finns.

  • Jag installerade idag Android OS 6.0 på min gamla S4 (en ROM då). Shit vad najs det är. Som vanligt finns det inget konkret att peka på utan när det gäller bra produkter så är det helhetsupplevelsen det viktiga. Flytet, att det sitter ihop, övergångarna, det estetiska…