Adobe har släppt Photoshop Lightroom 5


Adobe har nu släppt Pho­to­shop Light­room 5 som var­it i öppet beta-tes­tande en tid. 

Nu i den släp­pa ver­sio­nen har över 400 bug­gar fix­ats och den innehåller nyheter­na Advanced Heal­ing Brush, Upright, Radi­al Fil­ter, Smart Pre­views, Smart Pre­views samt för­bät­trat ska­pande av foto­böck­er samt bild­spel som blandar bild och video.

    Advanced Heal­ing Brush: Remove dis­tract­ing ele­ments with a sin­gle brush stroke. Adjust the size of the brush and move it in pre­cise paths. Unwant­ed objects and flaws—even those with irreg­u­lar shapes like threads—just disappear. 

    Upright tool: Straight­en tilt­ed images with a sin­gle click. The new Upright tool ana­lyzes images and detects skewed hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal lines, even straight­en­ing shots where the hori­zon is hidden. 

    Radi­al Gra­di­ent tool: Empha­size impor­tant parts of your image with more flex­i­bil­i­ty and con­trol. The Radi­al Gra­di­ent tool lets you cre­ate off-cen­ter vignette effects, or mul­ti­ple vignetted areas with­in a sin­gle image.
    Smart Pre­views: Eas­i­ly work with images with­out bring­ing your entire cat­a­log of orig­i­nal images with you. Just gen­er­ate small­er stand-in files called Smart Pre­views. Make adjust­ments or meta­da­ta addi­tions to the Smart Pre­views and apply your changes to the full-size orig­i­nals later. 

    Improved pho­to book cre­ation: Cre­ate beau­ti­ful pho­to books from your images. Light­room includes a vari­ety of easy-to-use book tem­plates, and now you can edit them to cre­ate a cus­tomized look. Upload your book for print­ing with just a few clicks. 

    Video slideshows: Eas­i­ly share your work in ele­gant video slideshows. Com­bine still images, video clips, and music in cre­ative HD videos that can be viewed on almost any com­put­er or device.

Per­son­li­gen gillar jag verk­li­gen den nya Advanced Heal­ing Brush för att retuschera bort oön­skade parti­er i en bild och att man nu genom Smart Pre­views inte behöver ha hård­diskar­na med hela foto­bib­lioteket inkop­plade för att job­ba med bilder. Per­fekt om man job­bar på en bär­bar dator.

[youtube id=AeQgHYhbVd0]

En upp­grader­ing från tidi­gare ver­sion till Adobe Pho­to­shop Light­room 5 kostar 665 kro­nor medan en helt ny licens kostar 1 205 kro­nor. Pris­er­na är inklu­sive mons. Pro­gram­met ingår ock­så i Cre­ative Cloud.

Konkur­renten Aper­ture från Apple, som dessu­tom delar bib­liotek med iPho­to, kostar 599 kro­nor i Mac App Store.

Aperture - Apple

[source: http://blogs.adobe.com/photoshopdotcom/2013/06/lightroom-5-now-available.html “Photoshop.com Blog”]