Apple Maps uppdateras för att visa gigantisk Black Lives Matter-mural i Washington DC

I solidaritet med protesterna

Apple har redan upp­dat­er­at satelit­bilder­na i sin kart­tjänst för att visa muralmål­nin­gen som sträck­er sig över två kvarter längs 16th Street, nära Vita Huset, och som avtäck­tes i fredags.

Borgmästaren i Wash­ing­ton DC, Muriel Bows­er, har även döpt om plat­sen till Black Lives Mat­ter Plaza.

Apple har kom­menter­at den pågående proteströrelsen genom ett öppet brev på Apples webb­plats skriv­et av Tim Cook med titeln Speak­ing up on racism.

Ett utdrag:

”This is a moment when many peo­ple may want noth­ing more than a return to nor­mal­cy, or to a sta­tus quo that is only com­fort­able if we avert our gaze from injus­tice. As dif­fi­cult as it may be to admit, that desire is itself a sign of priv­i­lege. George Floyd’s death is shock­ing and trag­ic proof that we must aim far high­er than a “nor­mal” future, and build one that lives up to the high­est ideals of equal­i­ty and jus­tice.

In the words of Mar­tin Luther King, “Every soci­ety has its pro­tec­tors of sta­tus quo and its fra­ter­ni­ties of the indif­fer­ent who are noto­ri­ous for sleep­ing through rev­o­lu­tions. Today, our very sur­vival depends on our abil­i­ty to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vig­i­lant and to face the chal­lenge of change.”

With every breath we take, we must com­mit to being that change, and to cre­at­ing a bet­ter, more just world for every­one.”

Via: The Verge